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What's in the name of a brand?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Its Identity. Its Label. The positioning of a brand begins with the name of any brand. What we call each other is unique to us in person and so is to a brand. Some businesses get it right. While some sink on a ship called “Adibas”. Oh! Yes, you got it right. This was actually a venture of the famous brand “ADIDAS” that launched itself in India and drowned in the sea of bad fate. A market where “Adidas was already operating successfully, the name ‘Adibas’ created confusion in the minds of the readers. This led to a negative persona for the new name as at times it seemed to be the markets ‘Copy-Cat’. Thus, they eventually had to declare its dead and continue with the old one. Developing a great brand name: To hit the paper with the right kind of words for your brand makes things for you a lot easier. Finding a name that appeals to the emotions, creates a strong aura for the product and can be remembered easily. Thus, to lure customers to your zone you need to sound creative. Your brand name should be able to promise them a good experience and a better lifestyle over anyone who isn't buying from you. Communicating well: The key to an everlasting relationship is communicating well. In the marketing world, sales and reputation highly depend on the way you are Branding, Communicating and telling the Brand Story in the right manner. Consider famous brand names like Safari and American Tourister. Both the names say something about travel and adventure. Thus, they are able to tell their customers to buy them right away. Communicating through an elegant, easy and yet promising brand name you can strike deals a lot more faster. Create something recognizably different : To have a name that is very different in a crowded market space means you will outshine every time. Now it may seem that all the eligible bachelors have been taken away, but we saints exist to curate your very personal brand name. Something that excites your consumers to buy and motivates investors to believe in you. Be cautious though! In the year 1978, Apple computer was sued for law infringement by the Apple Corps, Beatles founded Holding Company and the owner of their Record Label. Apple corps complained that a lot of their customers and clients were baffled at the names of both the giants. Hence, Apple Computers ended up paying loads of money to the other firm. This explains a lot for any start-up and business. To be the owner of a unique name in the market not only saves you some bucks but also helps you doing the right kind of branding for the same. Moral of the story: Get yourself the right brand name that lives on to your Brand story and Brand Experience. Because to buy space in the minds of the consumer you need to strike some kind of an extraordinary deal. What can be better than establishing this loyalty with the first thing any customer comes in contact with. YOUR BRAND NAME. In case of any business or Start-up, the company creates value around the name of the brand through the right selection of words, Marketing activities and keen branding. Together they help for the future of any firm in a market today. A market where Flashy logos, Perky Brand Names, and Lucrative marketing sells the most. Let’s help you create the most meaningful, yet distinctive, weird yet Flash name. Exist to Create and capture is the motto! Get a flashy Naamkaran by the saints by reaching out to us at

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