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Brand Heading: How to make your business, a BRAND

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

What makes your Business, a BRAND? The price tag? People? Marketing acumen? Or the hefty reputation of your brand ambassadors? To be able to answer this big rock question we need to first understand what does a brand means? Tonnes of books have struggled to lay down a relatable sentence for this word, Summarizing that a brand is a ‘manifestation and experience’ given to the consumer by all the attributes of a product. Thus, In the past one score, businesses have evolved from a shop in the prime location to becoming “most sought after brands”. But whenever the conversation of what makes a ‘great brand’ or a ‘brand great’ happens, they only talk about the end results or the output value. No one ever tells the story of building a brand. For Start-ups and other advancing businesses, the branding tales remain hidden. Today let’s read the inside story of a great brand and make your brand great! Why is it Important to have a BRANDVEDA? We saints believe that a brand is just like another breathing Human-Being, and has certain traits and attributes which need to consistently perform. Let’s take a closer look at these: Brand Positioning Creating a unique position in the minds of the people and placing your brand there forever is what we call Brand positioning. How are you able to distinguish it from the rest of the products. Where does your business stand amongst others in the market? What place did you keep it at? These are some important questions every marketer needs to ask themselves. Brand Story The big quest is how do you do the positioning? STORIES. (Remember how your mother told you, That candies are sweet and ghosts are scary. We still hold to the taste and fear. The best way to take a permanent residence as a brand in a customer's mind is to tell him a story! A story defining everything big you are and how amazing you look. Let the marketing saints write your perfect brand story. Wow, your customer. Be the “Mountain Dew which conquers storms” or “Nike of the roads”. ) We remember everything in the ways of stories. A memory that we relate ourselves with. Remember you still remember the story told by your granny and it still is embedded in your mind like a beautiful memory. And you will never let that memory every go away. Brand Name The giants of the market like Coca Cola, Nestle, Nike were all named generations ago. They have had enough time to grow their roots in the minds of the people. But in a market, where every minute a new brand changes the destiny of others. How do you make sure your brand survives the war? A good brand name can make all the difference. You have to be something that hasn’t existed before, but your existence shall make all the difference. Reebok, Nike, Coca Cola, Gucci, All these names have been able to draw the people to their stores because they all were able to connect and create a brand persona. It is just like calling out your friend’s name. Make sure your friends in the marketplace like it! Brand Association The simple but most significant things which catch the consumer's eye, a logo, brand colors, endorsers, owners. It’s important to create the right kind of visuals to be the apple of the eyes. How you make your customers feel about your brand. Brand Identity How do we as business want our customers to see who we are? Whatever we make our customers believe about our product is the identity it will have in its life cycle. The Brand story you offer your customer will be what is remembered at the end of the day. Brand Experience Zomato is the new food, Uber is your new taxi, Oyo is the new hotel next door. In today’s world, the experience any brand provides is more of what predicts the success of your brand. These New Gen brands have not only made their services a way of life for the people but also given them a new way to experience food and drives. Many consumers confess that they go to a particular Brand Shop to raise their spirits or simply shop and feel happy. Victorias Secret has helped women feel more confident in their skins. Nike has helped them embrace the runner in them. Gucci has helped people accessorize well. This is all the experience these brands are able to deliver to every individual. Brand Recognition The consumers' ability to recognize the brand from a general conversation is what makes it truly phenomenal for any business. To be able to connect to consumers on such deep levels that they identify you like any other person they know helps to become that one irreplaceable product on their walls and wardrobes. Brand Value TATA is a brand whose value has increased by 37% in the last year. Wondering why? The beliefs, values and the brand story that they have been telling all these years has helped them become a name every man in India can connect with. Thus the financials are high and the Equity undefeatable. All these attributes for any brand’s performance are important to its fate and survival in the market. But does reading about this help? Not in an era where every ‘new, new’ becomes the ‘new old’ right next second. The markets today are running at a speed that at times becomes difficult to compete for. Like any person would go to the school or institution to work and grow, it becomes a dire need for any business to work with the right kind of brand marketers and managers. You would always need an expert, and an unbiased perspective to expand. Thus, your business would need the Saints to light its path and define its vision.

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