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The Rise Of Political Branding

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Marketing and Politics are two terms that can bring about a major change in your life. Did you ever think about what might happen if they both became allies? Mitron! remember those noisy rallies happening in the neighborhood every now and then? Tonnes of pamphlets flying in and out. The eligible candidates visiting at your doorstep and telling their great stories? Well no, that does not happen anymore. The time Barack Obama realized he won’t be getting any real-time support from the mighty businessmen in the country, he and his team got on to a task that no one had ever done before. REVAMPING HIS IMAGE. MAKING HIMSELF A BRAND. But who were these people, busy laying formations for all this branding and online casting of Barack Obama in different roles? How were they able to manipulate a person’s image into a Marketable brand. THE INDIAN INDEX FINGERS The voters in our country are clusters and chunks of people who hold power and people who only talk about it. This basically means that there is a population that talks at the online or electronic interface. But there is another big chunk. The population that still likes to sit together in the street and talk politics. This is the Hindustani population that understands the idea of politics only when it’s told to them in their own dialects. Who can forget about the infamous “Bihar me Bahaar, Nitish Kumar hai ”, where the Nitish Kumar government (JDU) used the local dialect to remind people how his party has worked for the development of the state. Such simple yet impactful conversation or transcending of ideas matters. LET’S MOVE A LITTLE FURTHER TO FIND OUT What is political Branding? Political BrandIng is the careful process of altering the attitudes of the potential target towards a political party or the Leader's Personal Brand name. So what really happens here is the clustering of many contents- A Flashy Logo that tells the story of a nation or an area. For say, the lotus is a national symbol and so ideal for a party logo. A catchy Tagline that is more or less like a hymn in this country that energizes the hopes of people. And so many efforts of building this image to seep deep inside the brains of the public. Taglines like “Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi” have been able to sell themselves. Reason why? The people were able to cast an image of a politician who is Godly for the development of the nation. People cast their trust in such statements that helped BJP win a tremendously huge number of votes. The real question is when to start with this process? The answer- “Right Now!”. Political branding can’t wait for any peak time or the right time. The Modi Government has been singing its praises all the days of all the months of the year. This means they have created their space by reinforcing the brand name in the ears of people. So much so that, the kids on the street now hum to its tagline music. Where do you go and get the Brand Stamp from? THE SAINTS! its agencies like us who are able to create such content and help the political ‘brands’ reach to the masses. Most of the political parties are not able to transfer their message to the public. And it is high time that these parties have to understand, most of the time spent by their target has now shifted to online platforms. Thus to be in the public eye you need to make your presence felt at venues where the target audience constantly spends its time. THE MODERN SCENARIO The modern marketing scenario has myriad opportunities for any political brand not only to establish itself but also to shape the public opinion according to its own philosophy. Floating content can reach people and be easily spread through word of mouth after catching it. So what really happens here? The advertising agencies like ours put their saint at work as there is a movement of reaching people and places where water might not reach. Various tools available with the Digital Agencies and Advertising Agencies, the perfect tools to gather data of prospective votes or we can say the target audience is available. These tools can be anything like:

  1. Factor analysis

  2. Discriminant analysis

  3. Conjoint measurement

  4. And multidimensional scaling so with the help of these tools, we can easily get the contacts of people or votes that need to be converted for the upcoming extravaganza. HOW CAN WE DO THIS? The basic idea of getting into the minds of the people is by reaching out to them again. If you search through google or even take a walk around in your city you will see something or the other influencing your political views. And it is not the politicians for sure. It can be anything. The colors of the logo. The simple song that sings the development melodies. A poster that says a thousand words. A video that strikes right at your issues.this is what has to be laid down in a form that can be understood and executed by both the parties in the show. And so verified and carefully laid down plans for the political parties is:

  5. POLITICAL PARTY LOADING! Increase the visibility of all possible logos, taglines and other pictorial content at various venues of cognitive engagement. Look at the Man of the News Hour. TRUMP TRIUMPHS! An image that has been bashful. Known widely for stupidity and condemned for his lies. Was elected as the President of the USA. what made this a huge success was raking ads all over the internet. T-SHIRTS saying “Get over it” to influence opinions on certain political actions. And the results can be viewed by the whole world today. He won.

  6. WE MARK YOUR PRESENCE! Everywhere you need to be we make you present there. It has been found in many studies that the best engagement happens with talking visuals. You will find connecting videos of the most popular politicians around the world. We make sure that every platform where interacting this way can help should be captured. we tailor perfect video content.

  7. SAB KI TAGLINE AUR SABKA VIKAS! Hah! We create content. Content that is hummed by everyone. “ABKI BAAR MARKETING SARKAAR”.

  8. LOGO KA LOGO! Things that catch eyes and breaths are the best. So we bring to you logos that help you spread your ideologies and content. Because, as the saying goes, “JO DIKTA HAIN VO BIKTA HAI”. Almost all the political parties which have been able to reach their audiences is because of some marketing mavericks playing the digital and visual game so well on the platforms that the sparks are tremendously visible everywhere around you. You have to have the best creations that can capture the minds and help people learn how you can bring a change. And this is how The Saints put all their SAMAGRI into the success of your campaigns.

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