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Restaurant Reopening Is Complicated, But Tempting

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Starting your restaurants business again after Pandemic? BUT.. Have you thought about how the pandemic affected various industries? Or you were just chilling and enjoying the time that was credited in your life to spend it with family. No wonder the economy of our country has shaken upside down, industries and businesses have shut down. Tremendous decreases have hit every sector of the country. F&B being a major industry in the country has been affected adversely. With the pandemic shunning down the economy of the country, restaurants have seen a downfall, tourism has come to halt, the audience and consumers have been made to sit at homes. Restaurants reopening strategies have changed drastically over the time. The concept of contactless deliveries, online menus, newer marketing strategies, and campaigns to promote restaurants all come into play at a greater level. As the eating joints are allowed to open, they demand refurbished restaurant reopening strategies. Ensuring the safety and hygiene, restaurants need to gain back their customers. And there comes into play the role of a hospitality and consultant as the need to emerge keeps changing as the time progresses. Neglecting the guidance of the experts might cost some unchangeable damages. Role of a Restaurant Consultants Consultant is a professional who comes to save your boat from sinking. Are you also afraid to survive in the hospitality industry after the COVID-19 pandemic? Don’t worry about an inch. We at The Saint are ready to be at your service. Our guidance and skill set with added experience are the one stop shop for your business. You might have overlooked the number of guests that your restaurant may be losing, but we as your consultant do every bit that increases the footfall at your restaurant. To avoid the misfortune we design strategies beforehand that target the audience via social media platforms and various other methods. New normal at restaurants Scanning a QR code, paying bills via mobile apps, social dining and takeaways, welcome drinks being replaced by the sanitizers and temperature checks have become the new normal. You might not be accustomed to sitting at a distance, but the norms are to be followed. These points might naturally come to the owners, but an eye of a food consultant is what brings the light to the end of the tunnel. Designing the Menu, implementing new tools and techniques, and service providers are the services where we offer our expertise. Introducing the local Though the pandemic has hit worldwide, but at the grassroots level the vendors and locals have been affected the most. So, in order to keep them surviving and earning we need to support the nationals and localites . Restaurants are one such thing to be decisive about as we can conceptualize traditional recipes with a modern twist. As the lockdown in the country is easing, cafe’s, food joints have started facing difficulties in gaining back the customers and hence the requirement for local sourcing has increased. Managing the finances Any startup established before the pandemic would face high risk in coming together and putting up their best. While having a consultant in touch with you would yield the outcomes that you never thought of. A new business startup involves a lot of investment but, if done correctly the yield may amaze the owner. With increased expenditure and less income, managing the revenue appropriately is a task. A task that can be professionally handled and managed with the best consultant. Challenges of operating under Social distancing “Customers are God” as we say in India, but can one stop them from coming? No. Whenever you see a person wearing a mask, you know there is a risk. The challenge is to set up an environment where the customers as well as the service provider feel safe. The customers have been fearful for a long time, while the lockdown was in action.  Hence, the restaurateur holds the responsibility to ensure that they serve them with the best of their services.  Every business needs to be prepared for the best and worst case scenario, also to retain their customers. To create a long lasting impression and maintain a forever customer relationship get your business The Saint. Visit to know more about us and our services.

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