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Five Marketing Techniques Every Hoteliers Can Count On

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Beyond the covid crisis, it’s time to get back to “The new normal”.  Adjusting and restructuring can reset the growth rate for your business however a few restaurant marketing techniques live as long as traditions. Presently a lot of sectors are struggling hard to get things back on the track. Tough deal but with the right hotel marketing strategies, one can hit targets. There is a wide range of hotel marketing strategies for marketers operating in the hotel industry.Check out some “all-time” restaurant & hotel marketing strategies, that will serve as a response to the pandemic and associated changes to consumer behavior.

  1. Go digital (website): An organic & most effective way of reaching out to the people. The online platforms, social media & emails permeate the everyday lives of individuals. Being active on your own website is considered the most effective & important distribution channel. There are absolutely no constraints at which hotel marketing tactic is being directed. Websites are such places where people tend to relate more and it’s highly credible for authenticity information. Another aspect of going live is to induce sales, not only you can multiply your customers but also get bookings if you have a booking engine to handle the self-service reservation. The modern path to purchase for travelers is now so broad, you have to put a lot more focus on exactly who you’re trying to catch in your net.

  2. 1.1 Grow Social Media: The youth are here, the middle-aged are here, the elderly are here. Where are you? Not on Social Media platforms? What exactly are you waiting for? Coronavirus has connected the globe digitally but still, if you think traditional methods will yield you well, this idea will sink. The traditional methods may help in some or other but, now you need a mix of digital, social & traditional. To keep reaching a zenith in the hotel operations you would now have to go live. If you’re not utilizing social media in your online hotel marketing campaign, start now.It’s free to create accounts with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, and YouTube and it’s never been easier to create dynamic social media pages in moments. However, there’s no point in launching a social media presence if you don’t mean to maintain it. Make sure you’ve got at least one person appointed to keeping your hotel marketing social media message live and engaging.

  3. 1.2 Regularity, Updation & Review: Once you are live, you cannot step back or rest. Keeping up with social media may be a tedious task but the profits are also tremendous. Just as the mouth of word spreads from person to person, reviews float on the online platforms. These reviews not only engage the customers but also gain their interest to visit you.To keep your audience connected & customers to feel at home, infuse these strategies even in the post covid era. Also, we are just a step away to help in building your restaurant setup, re-engineer your menu, and create your social media presence.

  4. Feedback: As they say the customer is God, so is there valuable feedback an asset to improve the business & work beyond our abilities. Having a direct touch, connection, hearing the word of mouth direct from the customer itself is a triumph achieved.

  5. Highlighting safety precautions: The threat of coronavirus will have its effect in the long run, but ensuring safety at hotels is one thing that needs to be put forward. It is arguably the single biggest marketing strategy that hotels need to put across their valuable customers. Visiting guests need to be taken in assurance about their safe stay along with all updated norms of sanitization.The role of hotel consultancy & marketing comes to play when the communication of hygiene & safety measures needs to reach the customers. The new normal services should reach through social media and email marketing. Contactless welcome & in-room services ensure the above stated.

  6. Supporting the locals: No doubt the pandemic has hit globally, but when you cannot fly overseas, what is the plan? Time to go local, shop & travel. The hotels now have the best target to invite fellow travellers & make them know that India is no less than any country. Hoteliers have the opportunity to practice local purchases and redraft their menu to give a fresh vibe.

  7. Play USP card: The most reliable tactic to play on is your strength. Selling something that is your sui generis service. To really make up with the competition, explore all the potential areas. Go crazy & out of the box for the marketing campaigns to create awareness and for-profit boost. Massive returns are assured when you are doing something different, breaking the monotony & grabbing the attention. Making PR connections via your own hospitality consultants is added to extra benefit.The Saint, the best hospitality consultant around the globe is a one-stop for those who are looking for business hospitality. From scratch to having 5 star ratings, we help you in every way. The insight we provide for your business is the crux as well as the cherry on top.

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