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January 03, 2014

Branding & Positioning, Business, Creative Designing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communication
About This Project

Simplifysors is a Financial Advisory Company.

What they bring onto the table is an innovative concept that no one in the trade is providing.

Financial advisory is generally a service availed by individuals who are in upper segment of the society.

But a common-man doesn’t have the capacity to afford such services. He too needs a financial advisor to plan his finances for future. He/she makes financial decisions on advises from friends and misguided news in the market.

Simplifysors brings a financial product for the common man which gives professional advisory service.  Now, with right planning and action plan, you and I can achieve our financial goals in life.

This concept was novice and it was very difficult to get into the minds of people.

So as the name Simplifysors, we created a simplified approach in making this concept acceptable in the market.

We designed their Corporate Identity, Sales Tools, Corporate Folders for sales team, Emailers (with animation) Campaign for initially bringing the brand into the picture.

The team at The Saint visited Simplifysors’ propects along with their team to understand how we can improvise the sales process.

So we created a Sales Brochure which was our biggest hit.

We created a story in the sales brochure, where we made the customer realize that he is in need of the financial service to achieve his goal.

If you look at the slides, in the beginning, it is communicating that “dreaming without a plan will always remain a wish” and then we are briefing about the concept.