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Chandigarh Luxury Festival

Client Name

Taj Hotel & Times of India


October 09, 2014

Creative Designing, Marketing Communication, Space Designing
About This Project

Chandigarh Luxury Festival – Tri-city’s largest event showcasing luxury items exclusively for the highly

affluent. This was one stop exclusive shopping extravaganza ranging from luxury cars to properties,

jewellery and watches to luxury accessories and even luxury gadgets. This event combined the

elements of extraordinary entertainment and unique hospitality of Taj Hotel and got together the

key players from the industry of opulence and showcased the finest luxury products.

This event was organised by Taj Hotel & Times of India.

Pre-Event Activities –

A. Sales Brochure

We created a Sales Brochure to bring in exhibitors from the tri-city to participate, which explained

the whole idea of the luxury festival and how big the event would be.

It also included a Participation Form along with a custom designed floor map.

B. Radio Jingles were released.

C. Newspaper Advertisements

D. Invitations were distributed across tri-city.

Event Branding –

The event venue was given the theme of the festival.

The event was inaugurated by HARBHAJAN MANN.